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3 Ways Having A Security System Can Actually Save You Money

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Putting in a home security system is a great investment for every home. Many people wonder if putting in a system is worth the initial cost and upkeep. In the majority of cases, it is definitely worth the cost. Here are some ways you can actually save money by having a security system. 1. Discount In Home Insurance One thing that many people do not know is that when you install a home security system your homeowners insurance will actually discount your policy. This is because you having a home security system actually saves them money. When your home is vandalized you can file a claim through your insurance to help pay for the damage and lost items. Thus, the more secure your property, the less likely you are to have your property vandalize, which means you won’t file the claim, so the insurance company saves money. Just make sure that when you install the security system you contact your insurance provider right away. The discount varies depending on what you installed, and they won’t know you put a system in without you reporting it. 2. Save On Insurance Premiums Each Month Assume that you didn’t have a security system and your house was broken into. Once you file the claim with your insurance, they are likely to raise your premiums. This means that not only do you not get the discount on your premiums, but you also are going to be penalized by filing an insurance claim by your premiums going up. On the other hand, although you might be spending money to upkeep a security system, at least you are putting that money into protecting your home, rather than putting more into insurance for the same amount of coverage. 3. Not Having To Replace Things Lastly, if your house is broken into and things are stolen, you will have to replace them. Yes, your insurance will cover the majority of the losses, but you will have to pay a deductible, and there may be some items that the insurance policy doesn’t cover. Especially things that are irreplaceable, such as family heirlooms, hard drives, and things that can’t be replaced with money. Thus, it is infinitely better to prevent a break in by installing a security system rather than deal with all of the costs after the fact. As you can see, there are many ways that you can actually protect your wallet by installing a residential security...

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Customization Options for ATVs

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If you buy an ATV with the intention of enjoying long trail runs, you’ll want to equip the ride with the amenities that make the trip easier and more comfortable. Before you hit the trail for the first time, here are a few cool additions that you should think about investing in. Locking Storage Cover Side-by-side ATV models usually have a back compartment where you can store things. Unfortunately, most of those compartments are uncovered, so it makes it hard to store anything that isn’t too heavy to bounce out. If you’re planning lots of long runs, that’s challenging. To make things easier, a practical investment is a locking cover designed to fit that back space. With the key-controlled lock, you can keep your belongings safe no matter where you’re headed. ATV Tow Hitch Most ATVs are fully capable of towing smaller recreational trailers, making it easy for you to bring along any supplies you’ll need for the day (or even the weekend). Look for a compact, easy-to-mount tow hitch that you can put on the back of the ATV. If you aren’t confident in your ability to install it safely, your local recreational supply retailer can help. Radio If you enjoy listening to music, there’s no reason why you should have to skip that when you’re out riding on your ATV. In fact, if you want to have your music while you’re riding, talk with a local accessory shop about installing an ATV audio system. You can have it installed with a series of speakers as well as an integrated in-helmet audio system. Integrated with a communication platform, you’ll be able to listen to music while still communicating with your passenger. Weather-Safe Covers Any trip out on the ATV can leave you facing the potential of rain threats. Be prepared for whatever kind of storm threat might loom by packing weather-safe covers for your ATV. These covers secure to the roll cage and the racks around the ATV to protect you, your passengers, and your cargo. All you need to do is hook the cover onto the mounting brackets, which usually takes only minutes. These are just a few of the many options available for customizing ATVs. If you’re interested in adding your own conveniences and personal touches to your ATV, this is a great place to start. Talk with your local recreational vehicle shop for more information and make sure you consider the way that you ride to help you choose the things that will be the most beneficial to...

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Are You Considering Your Home Security Options? Check Out The Benefits Of Biometric Security Systems

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When it comes to your home’s security, you need to make sure you choose a system that provides the highest, most advanced levels of protection for your budget. Biometrics is an advanced technology that provides increased security and is becoming more popular in home systems. Biometric security systems offer several benefits, some that you can only get using this type of system. Learn more about a biometric security system and how you and your family can feel more secure when one is installed at your house. Only You And Your Family Members Will Have Access Biometrics use fingerprint scanning to open the doors to your home, so you or your family members never have to worry about keeping up with keys. Also, no one that has not been entered into your security database can get in using the fingerprint scanner. Upon the initial installation of your system, you and anyone else you want to have access to your home will provide their fingerprints for the security database. In the event anyone tries to gain access to your home using the fingerprint scanner, he or she will not be let in if they are not in the database. However, you can have a small fingerprint scanner placed behind the deadbolt lock in your home’s door so it will be out of sight. Hiding your fingerprint scanner will not give away your home’s security system to thieves. Hiding a scanner on all the entryways into your home is a good idea for complete and more secure protection. Security That Matters When You Have Visitors Inside Your Home During the times you welcome people into your home whose fingerprints are not in your biometric database, you should always take steps to have additional biometric protection inside your house. If you have a safe you use to keep valuables like jewelry in, having it locked with a biometric lock is a good idea. If a visitor tries to open the safe, it will be impossible to do so when it will not accept his or her fingerprints. Protecting your home computer is extremely important, even from people you think you can trust. If your computer has password protection, some people that know anything about you may be able to guess it and get to any personal information you have stored on your hard drive. When your home computer is protected by a biometric scanner, you and only you will have access to your computer. Never underestimating the skills of today’s thieves is vital for you and your family to remain safe inside your home. Find out today how you can have a biometric system installed at your home by contacting security system professionals in your area, such as American Wireless Alarm...

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Three Characteristics You Need In Your Custom Work Assignment System

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Being able to create a business where everyone telecommutes means that you can get started without the often necessary thousands of dollars of overhead. By skipping the step of needing a commercial lease and being able to bring in good employees from anywhere, you may find yourself with a business that can sustain itself more easily. One issue that you may find when you have a business that operates through telecommuting is that the system for completing assignments needs to be up to par. Here are three things you need in your custom software assignment system.  Administrative overrides for changes  Most businesses will have more than one person working on a project and more than one set of eyes on any sort of proposal. In your custom software design, make sure there is a feature that will allow an administrator to go in and look at any project or assignment that is still out. The system should allow an administrator to make changes to the assignment or add notes to any particular assignment. This will allow projects to be completed faster without necessitating email in order to communicate.  Ability to send assignments back with notes When it comes to assigning work, the administrator or managers in the system should be able to complete this task. The software should have an option that will allow all users to send assignments back if the assignment contains an issue or if the employee has a problem. Being able to let a system administrator know of a problem within the built in system will save the hassle of a long email chain or even lost messages. If the assignment is being returned because there is an issue with the work itself, this is something that will  be able to be noted and fixed right away by management.  Preview for assignments and presentations If you run a business that offers presentations such as videos, graphics, magazine articles, and anything along these lines, the presentation will be very important before publishing or putting it to press. For this reason, there should be the ability to preview an assignment after it is completed by everyone in the company. Putting together a finished project that was made of many parts means working with a lot of people and a lot of different ideas. Prior to the finished project being accepted, your custom software design should have a preview button that would show the assignment exactly as it would go out to the client. This way everyone who was working on any part of the project can take a look at the finished project with fresh eyes and make sure the finished project is up to...

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Need a Helping Hand Answering Your Business Phones but Don’t Need Another Employee? Use an Answering Service

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Do you run a small business and need help answering phone calls once in a while but aren’t interesting in hiring an employee to sit at the phone all day, every day? If so, an answering service may be a better option for you to try. If you answer most of the calls on your own, or if people call your individual workers directly for communication, you don’t need a secretary. Consider the following advantages to hiring a call service. You Don’t Need a Full-Time Secretary Do people call directly through to your cell phone line, or do they call to the extensions of the people that they need to talk with inside the office? If so, you may not see the need to have a full-time secretary in the office. Instead of having a full-time secretary, you can use an answering service so you won’t have to worry about  Benefits Full-time wages Sick and vacation days Bonuses and holiday pay You don’t have to have all these concerns, and you don’t have to add someone to your payroll. Instead you can just pay the answering service when their help is needed. You Need Late-Night Service Do you need someone to answer the phones late at night when you aren’t around or when you don’t want to answer the phones on your own? A late-night answering service can field the calls, take messages, and determine what issues are emergencies that need to be put through to you. You can iron out the details in your service package. You Don’t Want to Manage More Employees Does the thought of having to manage another employee make you hesitate to hire a secretary? When you are using a call service, the workers that are designated to answer your phone calls are managed by their own team of managers, and the person answering the calls isn’t your employee. You aren’t responsible for them in any way. You can use the call service as little or as much as you want, depending on how much you have going on and how accessible you are on which days. You can have your calls easily put through to the call service by setting up call forwarding on your cell phones and land lines. Talk with a call service in your area and find out how much it might cost you to utilize an answering service rather than hiring another employee....

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Tips For Preparing For A Remote Tech Support Session

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A malfunctioning computer always seems to happen at the worst time. Fortunately, in many cases, you no longer have to wait for a tech to show up at your house, or worse, have to unplug the machine and haul it to the nearest repair shop. Remote tech support and computer repair services may be able to fix your problem. The following guide can help you determine if this is a job for remote support, and what you need to do to prepare for the session. #1: Determine the type of problem Remote tech services are for software and, in some cases, operating system problems. You typically cannot use remote tech for hardware unless the problem is with the software or drivers that connect or control the hardware. If the computer won’t turn on, for example, remote tech can’t help because this is a hardware issue. #2: Verify that the internet is functioning You must also have a working internet connection in order to use a remote tech service. This is because the tech will connect to your computer via the internet. High-speed connections are best, although the tech may be able to access your computer or at least walk you through a fix on a dial-up connection. Just make sure you call from a phone other than the line where the internet connection comes from. If you don’t have working internet at home, you may be able to go to a public place that offers wi-fi connections, such as the library or a coffee shop, just be aware that the connection may not be as secure. #3: Take down some notes before calling Take a few minutes to backward engineer the issue. When did it first occur and what were you doing at the time? Were there any other signs that lead up to the problem, such as slower speeds or odd pop-ups? Did you try to fix it yourself and what did you do? The more information you can provide the tech, the easier it is for them to pinpoint the problem. Make sure you can also clearly explain what is going on. If there is an error message, for example, make sure you write it down. #4: Be prepared to follow advice This means making sure all parts of the computer are accessible since you may be asked to unplug items from the back of the computer or check connections. It also means writing down any pertinent information provided by tech support. You may also need to give the technician remote access to your computer so that they can actually view the system from the inside and try to track down the problem. Finally, in some cases, the remote technician may be unable to fix the issue over the phone. In this case, they will typically refer you to a local repair shop or they will send out a tech to your home. Contact a remote tech support service for more help. Companies like Bask may be able to...

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3 Ways In Which IT Services Can Help Your Business

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IT services can supply you and your business with numerous benefits that range from helping your computer systems remain secure to managing your data in a sleek and efficient way. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few ways in which an IT service can help your business. Security Issues There’s no doubt that your business has information that should be passed between employees and management but should perhaps not be viewed by other eyes. This is especially the case if you’re dealing with sensitive data from outside clients that could potentially lead to a lawsuit if viewed by the wrong parties. An IT service will make sure that your data will safely travel from point A to point B, that proper encryption will be used to carry the data, and that would-be hackers will stay away from your system. Data Management An IT service team will make sure that you effectively manage the data that your business desperately needs to parse. There’s nothing worse than finding out that an important file that includes important data has been ravaged by a virus or has become corrupted. A sound IT system will take preventative measures that such things do not take place and, if they do happen, that they will do everything within their power to recover that data. IT service members are also great for when you find that you’ve made an honest mistake, such as recovering lost data when you’ve accidentally deleted an important file. Monitoring Your Server Side Transfers If you run a business in which there are server side transfers, like the use of shopping cart software on your website, an IT service branch can help make sure that it is running sound and efficiently. An IT service will most likely run a weekly diagnostic on your server side transfers to make sure that they are running efficiently. They can also provide management and other team members with support regarding such transfers. When it comes to lost time regarding such software, this can cost your business quite a bit. An IT service will ensure that it is running as efficiently as it possibly can and can pinpoint possible problems before they become an issue. If you’re running a business, especially one that deal with data issues, you can plainly see how IT services can help out all areas of your...

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Unusual Ways For A Parent To Use Their Home Intercom System

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A home intercom system is most often used to observe and speak to guests and delivery people who come to the front door of your residence. There are many other non-traditional uses for your residential intercom system; here are a few of them:  Play Music Throughout Your House – Intercom systems have an auxiliary input port that you can connect to a CD player or radio and play music or listen to talk radio in every room in your house. This is a great feature to use while you clean your house, do laundry, and attend to other household chores. This is also a good way to entertain your children when they are bored at home. If one of your family members does not want to hear the music in their room, they can turn the volume completely down on the intercom unit in their room.  Monitor Your Children’s Activities – You can keep tabs on your children by listening to them through your home intercom system while you are in another room of your house. You can hear what your children are doing in their rooms, whether it is watching TV, using their cell phone, or doing their homework. This is a good way to keep track of your children without constantly standing over them.  Care For An Elderly Parent Or Relative In Another Room Of Your House – You can also monitor the activities of an elderly parent or relative in another room of your house. This is a great way to make sure that an elderly parent or relative is safe and secure during different times of the day and night. Also, an elderly relative can appreciate hearing your familiar voice through your home intercom system to reassure them and allow them to feel that they are not alone.  Communicate With Your Intercom System Via Your Cell Phone – Many cell phones are able to directly connect with your intercom system to enable you to talk to a family member in a particular room of your house even when you are outside of your home. As all phones are different, check your cell phone manual to see how to do this. You can also call a technician to make sure that your intercom system and cell phone can easily communicate with each other.   A residential intercom system is a great communication tool for parents with young children and older relatives in their home. You can take full advance of all the traditional and non-traditional uses of your intercom system. With a little bit of forethought and maintenance, your whole family can be in continual communication via your home intercom system. For more information, check with companies like Alpine Electronics and...

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How To Maintain Your LED Television

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When your television goes down, you have one unhappy family. In fact, the television is still a centerpiece of the family room and, even with the competition from the internet, is a big draw for both entertainment and news. Your LCD television is a significant investment, and you can keep it and your family happy by practicing some basic maintenance. Heat and Humidity Too much heat can really harm your LCD set. You should keep it cool by placing it in the proximity of a room air conditioner or an HVAC vent in the summertime. Place it where it can always get adequate ventilation. Protecting it from humidity also helps to keep your television running properly and prevent it from sustaining damage from oxidization. Using a dehumidifier in humid climates is recommended.  Screen Care Properly cleaning your screen is essential to your set’s longevity. You should only clean it with a dry, soft cloth. Even using a paper towel can cause damage to the screen that cannot be repaired. You should never use any type of soap or even window cleaner on the screen. If you need something to help with the smears and fingerprints, buy a product that is specially formulated for this purpose. You can find these at stores that sell LCD televisions.  Power An LCD television needs to be turned off whenever it is not in use to protect the screen. Also, you need to be sure that your television is plugged into a source that offers a steady supply of electricity. When the current frequently fluctuates, you set may be damaged. If your home is often the victim of power outages, you need to connect it to a power stabilizer.  Video Games Some older video game consoles can actually cause your television to experience a phenomenon called “screen burn.” This problem occurs when one image remains too long on your LCD TV and partially remains there, even after the game console is removed and the television is restarted. You should check your user manual to see what protections your television has installed to prevent this problem.  You can keep your LCD television in excellent shape for years, but you do need to practice regular maintenance. You also need to place your set where it will remain cool and out of the way of people and pets. If you do experience a problem with your television, do not give up on it until you consult with a qualified television repair service. You can protect your financial...

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Is Your Business Website Ready For Ipv4 And Ipv6?

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Internet experts have been considering greater allocation for internet addresses due to the quick depletion of current IPv4 addresses since the days of dial-up. Maintaining an up-to-date website means you being aware of these kinds of changes happening on the web. Today, because of the depletion of IPv4 addresses, the design and introduction of new IPv6 addresses has erupted. Many websites are already making the changes necessary for their websites to support IPv6 while still being able to accept IPv4 as well. However, making sure you are ready for IPv6 is essential for you to maintain client relationships in the future. New Devices Will Connect To One Another With IPv6 Computers and mobile devices manufactured after 2011 are able to implement IPv6. You should know that older computers and devices used to access the Internet will be able to connect to websites and other devices still using only IPv4 address through a specially designed proxy system. However, your potential customers using newer devices will be unable to access your site if you only use an IPv4 address, so adding an IPv6 is a smart move. Contact your service provider for learning whether they have made accommodations for IPv6 addresses so you can make the switch. If your current provider is not ready for IPv6, you might consider the benefits of choosing one that is. IPv6 Addresses Offer Faster, More Secure Service As the world makes the switch to IPv6, everyone will benefit from its design because connections will be faster due to its design for packet efficiency during transmission of data. IPv6 will also have greater security because developers designed it with security as a top priority, a fact not true about the creation of IPv4. Some of the security features added to IPv4 as optional after its inception will be default features in IPv6. One example of greater security using IPv6 is data encrypted traffic. The data you send will be safer because of the greater security features because all packets of data will be protected instead of just portions of it. For many business owners, learning more about the technology they depend on for profits can be challenging. By hiring an experienced website designer and developer, however, you can always have someone you can contact for finding out the information you need for running an up-to-date, successful site. Your service provider can also help to provide you valuable details about...

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